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Offering 100% satisfactory sessions is our key focus because student satisfaction is our key word!

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

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OET (Occupational English Test)

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Quality Virtual Classes

No matter where you are, we reach to you virtually to make your study beautiful and progressive.

Fully covered and detailed videos: short and long video sessions; live and recorded sessions.

All videos are designed uniquely for IELTS and OET sessions.

Practice Tests

The only short and secret way to win is practice. We have prepared several practice tests ranging from easy to hard, separately for all the four language skills, to acquaint you with the procedures and learn better by corrections.

Get better in the English language with our strategically crafted practice tests to make a steady growth!

Individual Sessions

We found that individual sessions are necessary along with group sessions to give you more care by addressing your issues and clear doubts specifically. It provides confidence and helps you to have a personalized growth.

Don’t let your queries to get stuck with you. Ask us and give movement to your growth!

Experienced and Research-Minded Teachers

If you are looking for experts in the field of IELTS and OET, AT Max provides them!

Learn from the pros if you plan to crack IELTS and OET at one go & get highly rewarding results!

Our Supporting Hands

We know that doubts and the requirement of support are parts of learning. We, therefore, are available to you to clear your doubts and gain support. 

AT Max, with the help of our support system prepares you for a successful result in IELTS/OET.

Timeless help; Full Support!

Personalized Courses

Every student has different capability and therefore we create personalized strategy to make learning easy for everyone.

Everyone Gets a Fair Chance to Learn with AT Max

You deserve only the best & you get no less here. Our English language teachers help you get a better hold of the language.

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Registering to our IELTS and OET courses are now easy and straightforward. Just choose the required course (IELTS/OET), share your information, and get started with us right away.

Be in touch with us and stay connected.

We wish you all success in your future.

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