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What is AT Max International Academy?
Why can it be your Dream Choice?

If you are someone who wants to level up and advance your status by improving your English language skills, AT Max is for you! If you are someone who wants to pursue a good job in UK/US/Canada, AT Max strives with you to your achievement. Or, are you someone who wishes to pursue quality education in top level universities in Europe or America? AT Max is your choice! Because, we are not just course providers, instead we value your dreams and put our best to assure your dreams are forever fruitful. In order to bring out the total best in you, we have been constantly striving for excellence with our management, faculty, and  progress checker teams of expertise.
Whatever your background be, if you ever have dreamt of something, you deserve it! And we help you to ace your race!

Team Work

We are a team working collaboratively to ensure progress in students’ studies at every step. We also want students to be a part of us working together to achieve their success.

Together let us put an endearing smile on your face!

Learn from the Pros

We have research minded and thoroughly reliable teachers who can assess you and be a constant support to you bringing up the best in you. Reach up to the teachers' hands and be under their glimmering guidance!

What is our Winning Formula?

As the motto of our director goes: "If you want something, then you must fight for it", fighting a good fight is our winning formula/ success mantra; the fight against all our resisting problems and obstacles aligned on the way to success. At Max provides you with the boosters to fight with power! Remember, success is achieved only through candid attempts!

Find the Right Courses for Future Success

Are you in search of a good institute where you get attention and provide a helping hand at your difficult portions. We can help you!

Our courses are prepared in such a way to make you easily comprehend all the portions and  make you ready and confident in facing the exam.

We will encourage you at every step covering all the portions effectively. 

See the course highlights given below!


Testimonials of Our Students

We’re truly proud to share with you the success stories of our students. Their success is our greatest motivation and what gives us strength to move forward and bring about novelties in strategies.

We extend our hearty congratulations to all our students at their bright success!

Riaan Logan Student

“I had a dream to do Post Grad from UK. I owe to Atmax who prepared & encouraged me throughout the journey.”

Emilee Gale Student

“I was pretty confused about the whole IELTS test. Thanks to Atmax for their significant role in my success.”

Greg Lynch Student

“Without Atmax I could not pass OET test. Their friendly and supportive team helped me to clear the test at one go.”

Danyl Hogan Student

“I highly recommend Atmax to everyone, as they are the reason for the excellent job I got in California, USA.”

    Join the Movement

    Become a part of this ever-growing family & learn the secrets of clearing IELTS & OET without any hassle.

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